How It Works

How do you receive delivery of fresh produce from Fresh2DeskKC? We deliver to your office or home:

Office: Receive FREE delivery on Mondays by becoming a Wellness Partner for FREE. Email or call 913-257-3150 for details. If Monday is a Federal Holiday, then we deliver your order on Tuesday for FREE.  Tuesday - Friday delivery is available for your meetings and special events, and with a $100 minimum order delivery is FREE (or $25 delivery fee).


Home (or office delivery if not a Wellness Partner): Monday home delivery has a $10 Fee or is FREE if your purchase is $30 or more. Tuesday – Friday home delivery has a $25 delivery fee or delivery is FREE if your purchase is $100 or more.


How does a Wellness Partner place an order?

1. Log in or create a new account

2. Click "Order Now"

3. Select product, quantity and delivery frequency (subscription or one time order)

4. "Continue Shopping" or "Secure Checkout"

5. Select Monday Delivery which is FREE for Wellness Partners (other days of the week have a minimum order for FREE delivery)

6. Select "Wellness Partner" (Your Workplace Location)

7. "Continue to Payment"

8. Enter any DISCOUNT CODE or GIFT CARD you may have

9. "Purchase Order" (You will receive a confirmation email receipt)

10. Receive your order and enjoy


What time will your delivery arrive? We will deliver your fresh produce during normal business hours. We do not guarantee delivery time with our current price options. If you have time constraints you may email or call 913-257-3150 to discuss options.

How fresh is the produce from Fresh2DeskKC? We are constantly receiving fruits and vegetables from our local supplier, and we package your order the day of delivery to ensure everything is as fresh as possible. This means your produce will never sit in grocery bins for a long period of time.

Where does the produce come from? We use a local Kansas City supplier who does their best to obtain the best produce available for the value during the season. This will include local produce when the season allows, but bananas do not come from Kansas City. :)

Is the produce organic? We have a Custom Organic & Conventional Produce option available for the customers who want fresh, organic produce. Our other packages are not organic.  

Does the produce selection change? Yes! We update our website every Wednesday with that week's selection of fruits and vegetables based on the fresh supply that week.

Can I customize my order? For customers who choose to customize their order we have two options: Custom Pack or the Organic Custom Pack. Our other packages are not customizable, but they do provide the most value for the price.

What kind of commitment is involved? None. There is absolutely no commitment at all; You have complete control. Orders may be placed for a weekly, every other week or one-time delivery. If at any time you would like to cancel or pause your order for your European vacation, it’s as simple as visiting our website.

Where does Fresh2DeskKC deliver? We deliver in the entire Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. If you have other needs, please email or call 913-257-3150 to discuss options.

Is your purchase guaranteed? We stand behind our product 100%, and strive to provide the freshest produce available. In the rare event that you are not 100% satisfied with your order, please email or call 913-257-3150. We will either replace or provide a partial or full refund.

How long will your produce stay fresh? Do not be afraid to use the breakroom fridge! Here are a couple of steps you can take to prolong the life of your produce. First, keep the lid off of the box. Secondly, remove the bananas. They emit ethylene gas which is a natural ripening agent. Lastly, eat the most perishable items first. Peaches and nectarines are the most perishable at room temperature. Apples, oranges, pears and bananas (unless already ripe) will make perfect late week snacks.